"As an occupational therapist I can see great potential for the use of the program as a home exercise prescription or with a patient on a maintenance program in the clinic. Personally, the benefit I was most encouraged about was knowing the specific exercises that were germane to the specific condition diagnosed by my doctor. It's as close as you can get to having your doctor present while you perform your exercises."

"The innovative technology with his web based rehab prescription is nothing like I have ever experienced… It truly is a fantastic way to have rehab right in your home or office."

"Overall my WebHSR experience was great! I truly believe that it helped me along with my physical therapy to have recovered as fast as I have."

"Provides a regular method of improving my health (via core muscle strengthening)."

"I found it very easy to access and a great help in making my recovery happen faster. Being able to watch and review at home how to do the exercises correctly was a big help. I didn't have to try to remember how to do something. It was like having a private instructor in my home."

"By having it in video, we were able to forward it to our trainers at school and they were able to work with our son more easily."

"I was very pleased with the access to WebHSR because I could do my physical therapy when it was convenient. The exercises were well described and the visuals helped if there was any confusion about the proper way to perform the exercises."

"Dr. _____ shows special interest in his patients and expresses a desire to help them improve their health. The webHSR program provides a way to strengthen the body by offering an array of exercises that can be engaged on a regular basis. This is a good program."

"I liked it so much I forwarded to my local Chiropractor to do the same."

"Being able to look at the exercises as many times as I needed helped with any confusion or questions."

"I really liked being able to see the exercises and stretches instead of trying to understand them just by reading instructions."

"It was nice and helpful to be able to see the exercise in a video versus on a sheet of paper."

"I liked how they explained my knee condition."

"Very easy to follow-- efficient"

"Able to access anywhere I had the Internet"

"I liked that there was both a video version and a text/photo version."

"It was fairly easy and simple to follow and helped out a great deal with my recovery!"

"Very easy to understand."

"It was convenient because I could do my PT right in the comfort of my home. I could access the site at any time and do them when it was more convenient. It saved me the expense of driving and helped me get back to doing things as quickly as possible."

"WebHSR explained my injury in detail."

"Incredibly convenient; helped me understand my recovery better."

"Thank you Dr. _____ for having such an efficient office and using this venue to assist in."